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Be a Clean Up Hero

Tell Us Your Story

Clean Up the World is encouraging our Members to share your achievements through video, which can be used online to promote your group and its participation in Clean Up the World.

We’re calling on you to put together a 2 minute (maximum) piece on your Clean Up the World activity that shows what you did, how many people were involved and what you achieved.

Your video doesn’t need to be professionally made. You can shoot it using a camera or even your mobile phone. Far more important is that it gives viewers a sense of your group and what you have done.

When your video is complete, upload it to YouTube and fill in the form below. You might also like to add the video to your profile page on the Clean Up the World Activities website.

Selected videos will be profiled on Clean Up the World’s website.

Hints and Tips

We recommend that you limit your video to around two minutes.

Suggested Content

Our Place
Tell us about yourself, your group, where you’re from and the environmental problems affecting your community.

The questions below might help – you can choose to answer some or all of these, or you may have content that you feel is more relevant for your group.

What are the specific environmental problems your community/country is facing?
What kind of activities does your organisation undertake to address them as part of Clean Up the World?
Is there a specific project/accomplishment you're particularly proud of?

Our Planet
Describe the relationship between your local issues and activities, and the global environmental effort.   

The questions below are just suggestions. You are very welcome to tailor questions to suit your own situation.

How do you think your local efforts contribute to the global effort to improve the environment?
How has your involvement in Clean Up the World helped your local efforts?

Our Responsibility

Share some information about why you and your group are taking action. The questions below will hopefully provide a starting point to get you thinking.

What motivates you personally to undertake your work in your community for the environment?
What challenges have you/do you face? How do you overcome these?
Do you believe you are making a difference? How?

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