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Case Studies

Since the first Clean Up the World Campaign in 1993, the environmental improvements achieved due to the efforts of millions of concerned volunteers around the world have been astounding. Here are some of their stories.

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Kenya - Garissa Youth Environment Movement

The Garissa Youth Movement have been a member of Clean Up the World for the past 3 years.  They are a non-profit making group aimed at encouraging young people to clean up the environment of Garissa Muncipality in Kenya.

Click here to read the Garissa Youth Environment Movement Report and see photos (679.91kb)

Allies World Organization of the Scout Movement - Clean Up the World and Scouts Unite To Combat Climate Change

"Clean Up the World and WOSM are proof in point that partnerships such as their Ally Relationship can bring about tangible improvements in the environment, create opportunities to connect with others and have fun in the process."

Click here to read the World Organization of the Scout Movement Case Study. (482.76kb)

Iceland - Veraldarvinir/Worldwide Friends Iceland

"We try to show them how to prevent rubbish turning up in the environment, and how to introduce sustainable waste management systems into the home, school or office".



Click here to read the Veraldarvinir/Worldwide Friends Iceland Case Study. (80.09kb)

Indonesia - Tanam Untuk Kehidupan (Planting for Life) (TUK)

The Tanam Untuk Kehidupan or TUK in Salatiga is the community behind the Festival Mata Air, or Festival of Water, which is the culmination of year-round environmental conservation projects.




Click here to read the Tanam Untuk Kehidupan (Planting for Life) (TUK) Case Study. (150.34kb)

Juarez Limpio Asociacion Civil

In a tale of two cities breaking down barriers for a greater good, people from Ciudad Juárez in Mexico and El Paso in the USA are banding together to make a positive difference to their local environment.



Click here to read the Juarez Limpio Asociacion Civil Case Study. (199.01kb)

Tonga Solid Waste Management Project

The tiny Pacific Island country of Tonga is known for, among many things, its stunning beaches, friendly people and breathtaking coastal cliffs. There is however a silent enemy threatening that pristine image - rubbish.



Click here to read the Tonga Solid Waste Management Project Case Study. (180.44kb)

India - Prithvi Innovations

Holi - the festival of colours - is a popular spring celebration in India, when people light bonfires and go around throwing coloured powder and water at each other, even though the powder often stings the eyes. Prithvi Innovations, a Clean Up the World member in India, has been working to ensure that the country's festival fever does not turn into an environmental flop. It also connects tradition and modernity in promoting education for sustainability.

Click here to read the Indian Case Study. (118.69kb)

Indonesia - EGA Briefings

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, consisting of five major islands and over 17,000 smaller islands scattered across the sea area of about 7.9 million sq. km. It is also a country with a growing, and increasingly urbanised, population of over 200 million. Several Indonesian groups have been long-standing supporters of Clean Up the World, attracting the numbers of volunteers that put even the country's multitude of islands into perspective. From the bustling capital of Jakarta to the idyllic resorts of Bali, Indonesian volunteers pitch in to improve their environment.

Click here to read the Indonesian Case Study. (122.66kb)

El Salvador - The Zapamiche Road

The Fonseca Gulf Islands in El Salvador are yet to be touched by large-scale commercial tourism compared to some neighbouring Central American countries. So far, only its local residents and a few tourists have been privy to the spectacular sunsets on the Gulf, when the Pacific waters turn the colour of gold. La Ruta del Zapamiche (The Zapamiche Road), a small-scale family-run business, is the only ecotourism operator on the Islands and has recently joined Clean Up the World campaign as its member in El Salvador.

Click here to read the El Salvador Case Study. (119kb)

Cleaning Up the Rock

Situated on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, Gibraltar - known simply as "The Rock" - not only bears witnesses to busy maritime traffic, but also to widespread effects of marine and air pollution. The Environmental Safety Group, a Clean Up the World member, has been a strong advocate for a cleaner and greener Gibraltar, working to protect the local environment and promote cross-border initiatives in the Mediterranean region.

Click here to read the Gibraltar Case Study. (135.81kb)

Bag it with Beckers!

Environmental protection at the global scale often starts with individual action. One of the unique things about the Clean Up the World campaign is that it brings together large organisations and small communities alike in a joint effort to make our planet a cleaner and healthier place. This is a story about an American family of three that has been walking the environmental talk in their business, community service and everyday life.

Click here to read the Beckers' Case Study. (143.79kb)

A Splash of Green for the Red Sea

Diving in the Red Sea's Gulf of Aqaba reveals a moving, technicolour vision that is simply breathtaking. But it's not just countless schools of fish and colourful sea anemones that one finds in these balmy waters. There are also bleached corals, marine debris, and the telltale sign of human presence above the surface: underwater garbage. The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan, a Clean Up the World member, works both above and below the sea level to protect the country's unique marine life from degradation.

Click here to read the Red Sea Case Study. (170kb)

Now showing: Peruvian Community Gets a Facelift

It's movie time in the remote Peruvian community of San Francisco de Yarinacocha. Admission fee: one two-litre PET bottle filled with plastic garbage collected in the streets, parks and waterways! Organized by the Non Níbopotati1 project of the Peruvian Association for Children and their Environment (ANIA) a Clean Up the World member, the film screening is just one innovative idea to encourage people to clean up in and around the town, and promote sustainable living.

Click here to read the Peruvian Case Study. (174.65kb)

Lake Victoria: Precious and Under Pressure

Lake Victoria is one of Africa's best known natural landmarks. Bordered by Uganda in the northwest, Kenya in the east, and Tanzania in the south, the Lake is an economic powerhouse, on which 30 million people in the riparian countries are dependent.


Click here to read the Lake Victoria Case Study. (140.9kb)