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Grassroots action videos

Grassroots action videos

Clean Up the World Ambassador, Céline Cousteau is also the founder and executive producer of the non-profit organisation CauseCentric Productions. Showcasing the stories of grassroots organisations and individuals through short documentaries, the following features tell us the story of communities addressing both cultural and environmental issues that capture the spirit of what this year – the UN International Year of Cooperatives - is all about. From NGO’s providing medical services to remote communities along the Amazon, to practical sustainable farming solutions in Uganda, these documentaries  provide us with snapshots of communities working together to make the health and well being of our planet and its people a priority.

Amazon Promise: 7min16sec

Céline Cousteau travels alongside a team of doctors volunteering with the non-profit Amazon Promise to provide medical attention in remote villages deep inside the Peruvian Amazon. Leading the expedition is Amazon Promise founder Patty Webster, a long time promoter for constant healthcare for indigenous tribes. Ms Webster created this non-profit to raise awareness and bring much needed medical attention to remote areas of the Peruvian Amazon. The organization has been able to bring this issue to the forefront, gaining the support of other organizations. Ms. Webster was named a CNN Hero in 2010. View on CauseCentric Productions' YouTube Channel.

URCSF Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation: 9min46sec

Mr. Peter Francis Luswata started this non-profit in 2005 to provide free agricultural training to poor small scale farmers in the Rakai District of Uganda. With well over three hundred families currently enrolled in the program, Mr Luswata has worked tirelessly to provide his people with new opportunities to sustain their families and improve living conditions. URCSFs projects help build productive and safe communities as people gain a sense of hope for the future. The farm still has glaring needs to be addressed in order to efficiently continue supplying farmers with the skills, information, and tools they need to reach their goals. View on CauseCentric Productions' YouTube Channel.

Animal Therapy-Green Chimneys: 10min

"Green Chimneys, a pioneer in the field of animal-assisted therapy, providing innovative and caring services for children, families and animals. It targets its services at restoring and strengthening the emotional health and well-being of children and families."

Green Chimneys was established in 1947 in Connecticut, USA. Céline Cousteau's CauseCentric Productions was inspired to make this documentary due to the incredible human animal bond that thrives at Green Chimneys. View on CauseCentric Productions' YouTube Channel .

Tribal Medecine-Healing Seekers: 3min14sec

Céline Cousteau travels with the Healing Seekers team to Papua New Guinea to film their latest expedition. Healing Seekers is a 501c3 non-profit organization with "a two pronged mission of education and research", studying medicinal plants and tribal medicine around the world. Collaborating with local populations is key to bringing back information with potential discoveries of healing cures. Healing Seekers' founder Amy Greeson explains that reciprocity and respect of the tribal way is of utmost importance. View on CauseCentric Productions' YouTube Channel.