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    Media Release - 14 September 2007

    Australians help tackle climate change as part of global campaign

    Australians will join millions of people worldwide taking action to help limit the effects of climate change as part of the Clean Up the World Weekend on the 14th - 16th September.

    Clean Up the World, one of the world's largest global environmental campaigns, mobilises an estimated 35 million people from more than 130 countries each year.

    As part of Australian celebrations, founder and chairman of Clean Up the World Ian Kiernan AO and director of the Division of Communications and Public Information United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Eric Falt will join Brambles employees in clean up and revegetation at the Lane Cove National Park on Sunday 16th September.

    This year's campaign theme ‘Our Climate, Our Actions, Our Future' will see many communities focus on limiting the impacts of climate change through activities such as waste reduction and recycling, water and energy conservation and revegetation.

    Ian Kiernan AO said there are many signs that Australians are not only aware of the need to take action on climate change but are prepared to get out and do something about it.

    "When I see Brambles' employees and their families taking time on the weekend to be involved in practical environmental actions I cannot help but believe that there is significant hope that we can meet the challenge of climate change.

    "Climate change is a problem of significant importance to everyone around the world. The small actions everyone takes at a local level add up to huge environmental benefits globally."


    Media Conference

    11.30am - 12pm Sunday 16th September 2007

    • Ian Kiernan AO, Founder and Chairman Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World
    • Eric Falt, UNEP Director of the Division of Communications & Public Information
    • Michael Sharp, Brambles Vice President, Corporate Affairs

    Venue: Magdala Park - Lane Cove National Park
    Photo Opportunity: Families taking part in the clean up event will be available for photographs
    Media Contact: Alana Mew ph. 0423 377 567



    The Clean Up campaign started in 1989 when an Australian solo-yachtsman and builder Ian Kiernan, appalled by the amount of rubbish he came across while sailing, organized a clean up of the Sydney Harbour, during which some 40,000 volunteers removed rusted car bodies, plastics, glass bottles and cigarette butts from the water.

    The campaign went global in 1993, with Sydney becoming Clean Up the World's headquarters. Today it brings together hundreds of members from around the world ranging from local community groups to national campaigns that carry out environmental projects throughout the year.

    In 2007, Clean Up the World is celebrating 15 years of environmental action and achievement.

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