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CUW Global Corporate Release

Media Release - 7 September 2007

Corporate world called to action ahead of Clean Up the World Weekend

The corporate world urgently needs to increase its leadership and financial commitment to finding long-term environmental solutions to the global climate change crisis, Ian Kiernan AO*, the Australian founder and chairman of Clean Up the World, said ahead of the 15th weekend of environmental action.

The Clean Up the World Weekend on September 14-16, is the highlight of a year of
environmental action involving an estimated 35 million people making it one of the world's largest environmental campaigns.

"Tackling the crisis of climate change requires the hard work of communities, visionary political will on the part of governments, and the resource might of the corporate world," Mr Kiernan said.

"We all have a responsibility to act to protect generations now and in the future. The global challenge of climate change requires that we ask no less of our leaders, or ourselves."

Mr Kiernan said four global companies Brambles, National Geographic Channels International (NGCI), Qantas and Marriott International, were demonstrating to the corporate world what it takes to be socially responsible businesses through their various forms of involvement in Clean Up the World.

Whilst each organisation engages in a way which makes sense for their business, their staff and their customers, they have all made a commitment to incorporate support for environmental initiatives into their practices.

"Brambles' financial sponsorship of Clean Up the World makes a significant contribution to enable the campaign to reach millions of people each year. Its Community Reach Program encourages and recognises the contributions made by Brambles employees who are actively engaged in community and volunteer work. Brambles employees are also able to apply for a grant to undertake environmental projects that involve local groups as part of Clean Up the

"NGCI lends the support of its international broadcast network to spread awareness of the campaign by providing a Clean Up the World Public Service Announcement (PSA) and airing it selectively through its global network of channels in the lead-up to the CUW Weekend.

"Qantas, Clean up the World's official airline, promotes participation in the CUW Weekend to its passengers and staff via inflight entertainment and corporate publications.

"Marriott International and many of its associates around the globe are working with Clean Up the World and local communities throughout the year on a variety of local clean-up and environmental projects including; London, England; Cairo, Egypt; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; and San Francisco and Santa Monica, USA ."

Established in 1993 in Australia, Clean Up the World partners with the United Nations
Environment Programme (UNEP) to inspire communities around the globe to take action to improve their environment and limit the impacts of climate change.

Details of organisations participating in Clean Up the World in 2007 can be found at
* AO Order of Australia awarded for distinguished service of a high degree to Australia or to humanity at large.

Media contact: Photographs and detailed information about Clean Up the World activities in your area/country are available on request from Ms Alana Mew, ph: +612 8280 9100 or +614 23 377567 email: alana@essentialmedia.com.au

Clean Up the World is a campaign held in conjunction with our Primary Partner UNEP. Sponsors - Brambles and Qantas. Global Media Partner - National Geographic Channels International. Supporters - The Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Marriott International.
Of the 650 Clean Up the World participating members in 2007, over 190 come from Africa; 180 from Asia Pacific; 90 from Europe; 150 from Latin America and the Caribbean; 25 from North America; and 15 from West Asia.

Of the 115 countries involved in 2007, those with the highest numbers of participating members are Nigeria then Kenya in Africa, India then the Philippines in Asia Pacific, Argentina then Mexico in Latin America, Spain then the United Kingdom in Europe, USA then Canada in North America and United Arab Emirates in West Asia.

The Clean Up campaign started in 1989 when an Australian solo-yachtsman and builder Ian Kiernan, appalled by the amount of rubbish he came across while sailing, organized a clean up of the Sydney Harbour, during which some 40,000 volunteers removed rusted car bodies, plastics, glass bottles and cigarette butts from the water.

The campaign went global in 1993, with Sydney becoming Clean Up the World's headquarters. Today it brings together hundreds of members from around the world ranging from local community groups to national campaigns that carry out environmental projects throughout the year.

In 2007, Clean Up the World is celebrating 15 years of environmental action and achievement.

For more information, visit www.cleanuptheworld.org