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World Environment Day 2007

Media Release 1 June 2007

Communities taking action on climate change on World Environment Day

Sydney, Australia: Clean Up the World - a unique Australian idea helping communities around the world take action to improve their environment and limit the impacts of climate change will be an important part of the United Nations' World Environment Day 2007 on 5 June.

Protecting water sources, tree planting, waste reduction and energy conservation are just some of the actions members of Clean Up the World will focus on as part of World Environment Day to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect against the impacts of climate change.

An estimated 35 million people in more than 120 countries will take part in Clean Up the World, one of the World's largest environmental campaigns.

Details of activities being undertaken by Clean Up the World members for World Environment Day can be found at http://www.cleanuptheworld.org/en/Activities/world-environment-day.html

The theme of World Environment Day 2007 is ‘Melting Ice - A Hot Topic?' which reflects one of the greatest challenges facing our generation - climate change - and Clean Up the World members will continue to take action through to the Clean Up the World Weekend on 14-16 September.

The Sydney, Australia-based Chairman of Clean Up the World, Ian Kiernan AO said communities around the world already face water shortages, more frequent and intense storms and drought, a greater spread of tropical diseases and food insecurity as a result of climate change.

"Clean Up the World is a practical and immediate way for communities to reduce some of the causes of climate change. This is a challenge for our generation and the next. The environment must be a priority for us," said Mr Kiernan.

"With the help of the United Nations Environment Programme around the world, members of Clean Up the World will receive a range of support materials to help drive local projects and assist with implementation of environmental activities in local communities."

Media contact:
Photographs and detailed information about Clean Up the World activities in your area/country are available on request from Ms Alana Mew, ph: +612 8280 9100 or +614 2327 7567 email.
About Clean Up the World:
Clean Up the World is a campaign held in conjunction with our Primary Partner United Nations Environment Programme. For detail of the support provided by our partners or for more information on the Clean Up the World campaign visit our website www.cleanuptheworld.org